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What Confuses Sales? “Marketing-Qualified Leads”

24 Jan

I read a great blog post by J. David Green that emphasizes the importance of marketing and sales creating what he calls, “sales-validated leads.” Instead of marketing asking sales if the leads they passed along were qualified, they should be asking sales to “validate whether the lead is really a lead, per the definition agreed to by sales and marketing.”

He suggest that for most marketing organizations, this small change in funnel focus can make a huge difference in plugging funnel leaks.

Check out “Why the Term Marketing-Qualified Lead” Creates Serious Confusion – Part 2” to read more.


Content Creation Is Easier Than You Think

18 Oct

Inbound Marketing Content Ideas

HubSpot has a great eBook they’re offering called “100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas.” I took a glimpse at this eBook because it promised to help with:

* Positioning your company as a thought leader

* Analyzing the effect of your content

* Creating content that resonates with your audience

* Repackaging existing content

This fun read is definitely worth the download. A lot of the content in here you know about but have a tendency to forgot. Others are great nuggets to share with your clients or executive team to help them understand the importance of the content they contribute. Here were my “Top 10 Content Creation” takeaways:

Content creation how-to’s and tips

1. Point out common mistakes in your industry and offer solutions on how to fix or avoid them.

2. Offer a list of benefits for doing something.

Use existing content

3. Take the contrarian position. Find someone else’s article that you agree or disagree with. Introduce your blog post with what you specifically agree or disagree with it, and support your argument with a few concise points.

4. Do a weekly or daily links-roundup of relevant news for your community.

5. Share an excerpt from an eBook or white paper with a call to action to download it for the rest of the information.

6. Do a round-up of last year’s/last month’s/last week’s most popular posts.

Incorporate other platforms

7. Create a Slideshare presentation of new statistics related to your space and share that in a blog post. Tag the Slideshare presentation with relevant keywords for your company to leverage SEO benefits of the platform.

Thought Leadership

8. Get experts to offer a tip and do a round-up of their recommendations.

9. Feature guest posts from industry experts.

10. Do a review of other non-competitive products or services that your community cares about.

There are many more great tips and tricks in this eBook. Download “100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas” to find your top 10!