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Tips on Setting Marketing Priorities Using Spreadsheets

31 Jan

Michele Linn writes in, “Confessions from a Spreadsheet Junkie: Tips on How to Set Marketing Priorities” about her obsession with spreadsheets and how she uses them to prioritize her marketing strategies.

She suggests getting all your ideas into your spreadsheet, this includes both big-picture and tactical ideas. Then track the following information for each idea:

1. What goal does it support?– “Seems basic that every activity should support a business goal, but I bet you’ll be surprised at how many “nice to have” or “seems cool to do” activities may be on your list.”

2. Anything we need to do first?– “You may have a goal to convert visitors when they get to your website, however if you don’t have the content in place to entice someone, you need to start there.”

3. What is the estimated time?– This will help you tackle simpler projects first.

4. What is the ongoing time commitment?– A lot of projects are easy to setup but there is a long-term commitment that must be made to maintain and grow these programs. By acknowledging this upfront, you hopefully won’t start projects that you can’t commit to finishing.

5. Who is responsible for this?– Assign someone to each idea so they have an advocate in the marketing department.

6. Do we need to get help?- Will you need to reach to in-house teams or work with third-party vendors to execute your idea?

7. What will it cost?– List all costs that could be associated with the project.

8. Assign each a priority.– “After all is said and done, I then assign a priority to something. It can be as simple as high-medium-low or a numerical system. Ideally, I tackle three to five things at a time and do them well. Once they’re up and running, I’ll move on to new tasks.”

Linn’s final thoughts, “Don’t forget to put  the spreadsheet into Dropbox or another file-sharing system, so the whole team has access to it. This makes the spreadsheet more than a static planning document.”