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Optimizing Press Releases: 5 Tips On How To Optimize Your Releases

14 Feb
Optimizing Press Releases

PR Optimization

There are a lot of great articles out there that can help you learn more about optimizing your press releases. Below is a quick high-level to do list for anyone considering writing a press release.

1. Use keywords (SEO terms) when writing your press release. Keep your keywords in your headline, subheads and towards the top of your first few paragraphs.

2. Hyperlink the text in your press release: link keywords back to pages intended to drive traffic via that keyword. These hyperlinks can be linked to product pages or even landing pages.

3. If you use images in your press release, make sure you tag them appropriately with your keywords.

4. Select a recognized news release distribution service. You can find free services, but simply make sure what you’re getting when you rely on smaller distribution services.

5. Publish your press release on your website, your blog and share it on your social media outlets (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter). Again, keep your hyperlinks intact and have them point to associated pages.

These five tips will get you indexed with Google News and Yahoo! News and help your SEO efforts along the way.

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