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Determining a Marketing Budget

7 Feb

Marketing SpendA lot of times clients ask:

  • “What do you believe my marketing spend should be as a percent of sales?”
  • “How do I determine what a reasonable amount of money is to spend on marketing?”
  • “Am I investing too much or too little into marketing?”

I’d love to say you’re going to finish reading this post and have the answer, but I can’t. What I can tell you is over the years my perspective has changed a bit. But, anytime I’m faced with these questions I have a tendency to go back to some of the same articles/posts to gain insight and always search for new ones with each new inquiry. Here are some of my go to resources:

I haven’t found a one-size fits-all answer to this question but what I can say is do some reading, talk with your peers and figure out what feels right for your company.


What Confuses Sales? “Marketing-Qualified Leads”

24 Jan

I read a great blog post by J. David Green that emphasizes the importance of marketing and sales creating what he calls, “sales-validated leads.” Instead of marketing asking sales if the leads they passed along were qualified, they should be asking sales to “validate whether the lead is really a lead, per the definition agreed to by sales and marketing.”

He suggest that for most marketing organizations, this small change in funnel focus can make a huge difference in plugging funnel leaks.

Check out “Why the Term Marketing-Qualified Lead” Creates Serious Confusion – Part 2” to read more.

Small Businesses: Make Your Collateral Work Harder

10 Jan
MarketingProfs- Veronica Maria Jarski

MarketingProfs- Veronica Maria Jarski

A lot of my clients are working with limited time and budgets. Here are some suggestions on how to take one collateral piece and make it work harder.

1. Monthly Topic- Select one piece of collateral and make that the focal point for the month. Select a piece that focuses more on the business problem or industry instead of something that is company or product specific.

2. Blog- write a blog on this piece and introduce it to your readers.

3. Events- Look to see if any events/trade shows are looking for speakers/topics and submit the collateral topic as an option.

4. Business Colleagues/Partners- Shop the topic with close friends/colleagues/partners and see if any of them would be interested in:

  • Using it in an upcoming newsletter/blog post. Offer in exchange to use some thought leadership piece of their’s in a blog post
  • Co-presentng the topic at an event or a Webinar
  • Using the piece/topic as an introduction to any of their clients/friends they may have that you’d be interested in doing work with.

5. Clients- reach out to your current and previous clients. Let them know you wanted to pass along some of your latest insights on a the topic.

6. Prospects- send out a short nurturing email to your house list and let them know about the piece.

7. Linkedin- See if anyone on Linkedin is asking questions about the topic addressed in the collateral. Share the piece with groups talking about the topic.

8. Other Online Resources- see if there are other communities online talking about the topic and share the piece.

The steps above give you a mini marketing strategy for each piece you create. I hope this helps you think of ways to get more milage out of your collateral. Let me know if you have additional ideas!

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QR codes: Can they play in the B2B world?

23 Mar

I’m coming off the heels of SXSWi and one thing that was very noticeable was the use of QR codes. On collateral, posters at booths, t-shirts and even on a man dressed completely in green spandex. My client used QR codes at the booth, and a lot of people pulled out their camera and took a shot.

Today, I got one of my favorite magazines and on the back cover ad there was a QR code for Lancome. They seem to be popping up everywhere.

I understand their practical use when it comes to a B2C play and I even understand the B2B play at events and trade shows. Outside of that, I’m not really sure how they will start showing up in B2B. I searched on “QR codes B2B” and found an interesting post from GlenTaylor, “Do QR codes have a role in B2B marketing?” He makes some good points but I still wonder if there’s more.  Another blog pointed out all the functions a QR code can perform, “Can QR codes find a home in B2B marketing?“- dial a phone number, send a text, send an email, etc. Honestly, I thought they could only take you a Web page.

I don’t doubt that we’ll see more of these popping up in both the B2C and B2B world. It will be interesting to see how creative the B2B world can get with these.

Where have you noticed QR codes popping up lately?

Do We Need To Get Out Of Our Prospects Way?

12 Nov

I was recently reading Adam Needles’ blog titled, Revising Our Demand Generation As B2B Marketers.  When discussing what successful demand requires he mentions “Nurturing the relationship between the buyer and the company/brand.”  He goes on to say, “Understanding that modern buyers increasingly don’t need a sales person between them and your company/brand, but yet they still need to have a relationship with you, which marketing must drive.”

I had to read this a few times, but then it clicked.  If I walk into a car dealer today I’m much more educated than my father walking into a car dealer 30 years ago.  Is it that I’m a car enthusiast or expert?  No.  It’s that technology gives buyers the ability to educate themselves well before you ever get the opportunity to speak with them about your product/service.  Articles, reviews, PR, social media, personal references, etc. are all easily accessible due to technology.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the value of a sales person but I do believe both marketing and sales need to take a step back and ask, “Am I getting in the way of my prospect getting to know my product/service?”  I look back at my marketing career and I can think of times where I was interfering.

My take away from Adam’s blog is that I need to find ways to place myself in my prospect’s path to finding a solution and not always interrupt their search to tell them I am the perfect solution.

What are your thoughts?