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Determining a Marketing Budget

7 Feb

Marketing SpendA lot of times clients ask:

  • “What do you believe my marketing spend should be as a percent of sales?”
  • “How do I determine what a reasonable amount of money is to spend on marketing?”
  • “Am I investing too much or too little into marketing?”

I’d love to say you’re going to finish reading this post and have the answer, but I can’t. What I can tell you is over the years my perspective has changed a bit. But, anytime I’m faced with these questions I have a tendency to go back to some of the same articles/posts to gain insight and always search for new ones with each new inquiry. Here are some of my go to resources:

I haven’t found a one-size fits-all answer to this question but what I can say is do some reading, talk with your peers and figure out what feels right for your company.