Digital Marketing Infographic

17 Jan

I’m not sure if it’s my love of journalism or fascination with graphic design but I absolutely cannot get enough of Infographics. They sum things up with few words and strong visuals. I found myself reading this digital marketing Infographic from Webmarketing123 a couple of times, so I figured you might find it of interest.

Digital Marketing Infographic

Source: Webmarketing123


Content Generation: How Hard Is It?

12 Jan

Conflict Kitchen- Venezuela

Thanks again to my friends at Ranch Road for sharing a great blog post by Andrew Davis of the Content Marketing Institue. A lot of my clients struggle with content creation and figuring out how to talk about things that affect their space/industry that aren’t necessarily related to selling their products or services.

In, “What if You Sold Waffles With a Side of Content?,” Davis covers two unique businesses, both restaurants, that are deliverying more than food but amazing content to their customers. He first covers the Waffle Shop, in Pittsburgh, and their live talk show that takes place in the middle of their shop during business hours. It’s this show that helps the Waffle Shop drive traffic into the store and then introduces people to the items they sell- waffles!

Here’s a video produced by the Waffle Wopp crew.

Davis also highlights The Conflict Kitchen, a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. Every four months, the restaurant changes it’s theme and uses its food wrappers  to help  educate consumers about the details of the conflict.

Davis concludes with, “Both the Waffle Shop and the Conflict Kitchen are wild, content-based experiments that marry the generation of content with the retail experience. Without the live streaming show, there’s no Waffle Shop. Without a conflict that needs to be understood, there’s no Conflict Kitchen.”

Read: What if You Sold Waffles With a Side of Content?

Small Businesses: Make Your Collateral Work Harder

10 Jan
MarketingProfs- Veronica Maria Jarski

MarketingProfs- Veronica Maria Jarski

A lot of my clients are working with limited time and budgets. Here are some suggestions on how to take one collateral piece and make it work harder.

1. Monthly Topic- Select one piece of collateral and make that the focal point for the month. Select a piece that focuses more on the business problem or industry instead of something that is company or product specific.

2. Blog- write a blog on this piece and introduce it to your readers.

3. Events- Look to see if any events/trade shows are looking for speakers/topics and submit the collateral topic as an option.

4. Business Colleagues/Partners- Shop the topic with close friends/colleagues/partners and see if any of them would be interested in:

  • Using it in an upcoming newsletter/blog post. Offer in exchange to use some thought leadership piece of their’s in a blog post
  • Co-presentng the topic at an event or a Webinar
  • Using the piece/topic as an introduction to any of their clients/friends they may have that you’d be interested in doing work with.

5. Clients- reach out to your current and previous clients. Let them know you wanted to pass along some of your latest insights on a the topic.

6. Prospects- send out a short nurturing email to your house list and let them know about the piece.

7. Linkedin- See if anyone on Linkedin is asking questions about the topic addressed in the collateral. Share the piece with groups talking about the topic.

8. Other Online Resources- see if there are other communities online talking about the topic and share the piece.

The steps above give you a mini marketing strategy for each piece you create. I hope this helps you think of ways to get more milage out of your collateral. Let me know if you have additional ideas!

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The State of Customer Service in a Consumer Driven Market- by Click Software

3 Jan

My friends over at Ranch Road posted this on their Facebook page today with the note, “Ever wonder what bad customer experiences cost companies? Here’s an eye-opening infographic you’ll want to see.” It’s worth checking out!

Click Software Inforgraphic

Customer Service Infographic from Click Software

Landing Pages: The Old Bait-And-Switch

16 Nov

Why Have a Landing Page?

Today I was doing SEO research for a client and realized that the B2B world doesn’t always understand landing pages. For both SEO and SEM, I was often taken to a company’s homepage when I was searching on a specific keyword. Here’s an example:

Search: mobile application development healthcare

Result: homepage of a company that does software and mobile development

Here’s the kicker, the website had an actual web page dedicated to mobile development for the healthcare industry. But, I had to dig and click to find it.

If you’re going to invest any time or money on SEO or SEM, make sure you take your prospect to a landing page that:

  • Includes the keyword they just searched on
  • Includes content relevant to the keyword
  • Includes a call to action
Imagine if you were searching for a pair of brown shoes by your favorite designer. If any of the results took you to a retailers homepage you’d be frustrated. B2C companies rarely mess this up. It’s time B2B companies learn from B2C and give their prospects the results they’re expecting.

Content Creation Is Easier Than You Think

18 Oct

Inbound Marketing Content Ideas

HubSpot has a great eBook they’re offering called “100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas.” I took a glimpse at this eBook because it promised to help with:

* Positioning your company as a thought leader

* Analyzing the effect of your content

* Creating content that resonates with your audience

* Repackaging existing content

This fun read is definitely worth the download. A lot of the content in here you know about but have a tendency to forgot. Others are great nuggets to share with your clients or executive team to help them understand the importance of the content they contribute. Here were my “Top 10 Content Creation” takeaways:

Content creation how-to’s and tips

1. Point out common mistakes in your industry and offer solutions on how to fix or avoid them.

2. Offer a list of benefits for doing something.

Use existing content

3. Take the contrarian position. Find someone else’s article that you agree or disagree with. Introduce your blog post with what you specifically agree or disagree with it, and support your argument with a few concise points.

4. Do a weekly or daily links-roundup of relevant news for your community.

5. Share an excerpt from an eBook or white paper with a call to action to download it for the rest of the information.

6. Do a round-up of last year’s/last month’s/last week’s most popular posts.

Incorporate other platforms

7. Create a Slideshare presentation of new statistics related to your space and share that in a blog post. Tag the Slideshare presentation with relevant keywords for your company to leverage SEO benefits of the platform.

Thought Leadership

8. Get experts to offer a tip and do a round-up of their recommendations.

9. Feature guest posts from industry experts.

10. Do a review of other non-competitive products or services that your community cares about.

There are many more great tips and tricks in this eBook. Download “100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas” to find your top 10!

Customer Service: Excellence When You Least Expect It

17 Oct
Customer Service | Thank You

Card | Customer Service

Customer Service

It’s a phrase that initially makes me think, I need to call the credit card company and ask about my new card or something has gone wrong with my order and I’m about to sit on hold for the next 10 minutes.

Today, customer service reminded me exactly what it is…a service. I recently made my first purchase form Land’s End Canvas. My order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow but ahead of it I received a nice, handwritten notecard from my personal “Customer Care Specialist.” The handwritten envelope threw me but I figured it was probably a font simply made to look handwritten.

Note from Customer Service

Note from Customer Service

I opened the envelope only to find a lovely note letting me know that everything is guaranteed and giving me an email address in case I had any question.

This company GETS customer service. Here are some other ideas on how to make your customers and clients always smile when they think of you:

  • Handwritten note cards- “Thank you for giving us a try, let us know if you need anything else.”
  • Gift cards- “Take a break on me and go grab a coffee, I know you’re working hard.”
  • Phone call- “I just wanted to make sure your implementation went smoothly and see if there anything else we can do.”
  • Thought leadership- “I heard you just purchased our Social CRM solution, here’s a list of 100 things you can do with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.”
None of this is rocket science, but it does take a bit of time. But guess what, if your customers or clients are anything like me, they’ll always remember that extra time you put into them and keep you front of mind the next time they make a purchase.