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Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

6 Mar

Google’s Multi-Channel Funnels Let Marketers Focus On All Programs That Assist With Conversions

Google’s video sums up why this feature is so important. “The ways your customers interact with your channels are all part of the marketing funnel leading to conversion. Often your customers engage more with these channels than they do with the final click that’s getting all the credit. Imagine being able to see how your customers interacted with all your channels before the conversion.”

You can see how your visitors interacted with your digital channels up to a month before they actually converted. Now you can pick and choose the marketing programs that actually were part of the conversion and optimize these programs instead of wondering, “What all lead to the conversion?”

Check out this quick video to learn more about Multi-Channel Funnels.


Landing Pages: The Old Bait-And-Switch

16 Nov

Why Have a Landing Page?

Today I was doing SEO research for a client and realized that the B2B world doesn’t always understand landing pages. For both SEO and SEM, I was often taken to a company’s homepage when I was searching on a specific keyword. Here’s an example:

Search: mobile application development healthcare

Result: homepage of a company that does software and mobile development

Here’s the kicker, the website had an actual web page dedicated to mobile development for the healthcare industry. But, I had to dig and click to find it.

If you’re going to invest any time or money on SEO or SEM, make sure you take your prospect to a landing page that:

  • Includes the keyword they just searched on
  • Includes content relevant to the keyword
  • Includes a call to action
Imagine if you were searching for a pair of brown shoes by your favorite designer. If any of the results took you to a retailers homepage you’d be frustrated. B2C companies rarely mess this up. It’s time B2B companies learn from B2C and give their prospects the results they’re expecting.

My Week in Marketing

14 Oct
SEO Page Optimization

SEO Page Optimization- SEOmoz

Here’s what I checked out this week:

  • I always find myself referencing SEOmoz’s “The Beginners Guide to SEO“: I shared an image from Chapter 4 with a client to show them SEO best practices when creating a new web page.
  • HubSpot’s “100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas“: I learned that my clients have more content lying around than they think and that new content doesn’t require a large investment.
  • I attended MarketingExperiments free clinic on SEO landing pages: My take away is that your organic search results, email campaigns, and PPC don’t have to point to the same page. Each of these can have unique pages and should address different items.