Content Generation: How Hard Is It?

12 Jan

Conflict Kitchen- Venezuela

Thanks again to my friends at Ranch Road for sharing a great blog post by Andrew Davis of the Content Marketing Institue. A lot of my clients struggle with content creation and figuring out how to talk about things that affect their space/industry that aren’t necessarily related to selling their products or services.

In, “What if You Sold Waffles With a Side of Content?,” Davis covers two unique businesses, both restaurants, that are deliverying more than food but amazing content to their customers. He first covers the Waffle Shop, in Pittsburgh, and their live talk show that takes place in the middle of their shop during business hours. It’s this show that helps the Waffle Shop drive traffic into the store and then introduces people to the items they sell- waffles!

Here’s a video produced by the Waffle Wopp crew.

Davis also highlights The Conflict Kitchen, a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. Every four months, the restaurant changes it’s theme and uses its food wrappers  to help  educate consumers about the details of the conflict.

Davis concludes with, “Both the Waffle Shop and the Conflict Kitchen are wild, content-based experiments that marry the generation of content with the retail experience. Without the live streaming show, there’s no Waffle Shop. Without a conflict that needs to be understood, there’s no Conflict Kitchen.”

Read: What if You Sold Waffles With a Side of Content?


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