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Landing Pages: The Old Bait-And-Switch

16 Nov

Why Have a Landing Page?

Today I was doing SEO research for a client and realized that the B2B world doesn’t always understand landing pages. For both SEO and SEM, I was often taken to a company’s homepage when I was searching on a specific keyword. Here’s an example:

Search: mobile application development healthcare

Result: homepage of a company that does software and mobile development

Here’s the kicker, the website had an actual web page dedicated to mobileĀ development for the healthcare industry. But, I had to dig and click to find it.

If you’re going to invest any time or money on SEO or SEM, make sure you take your prospect to a landing page that:

  • Includes the keyword they just searched on
  • Includes content relevant to the keyword
  • Includes a call to action
Imagine if you were searching for a pair of brown shoes by your favorite designer. If any of the results took you to a retailers homepage you’d be frustrated. B2C companies rarely mess this up. It’s time B2B companies learn from B2C and give their prospects the results they’re expecting.