Customer Service: Excellence When You Least Expect It

17 Oct
Customer Service | Thank You

Card | Customer Service

Customer Service

It’s a phrase that initially makes me think, I need to call the credit card company and ask about my new card or something has gone wrong with my order and I’m about to sit on hold for the next 10 minutes.

Today, customer service reminded me exactly what it is…a service. I recently made my first purchase form Land’s End Canvas. My order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow but ahead of it I received a nice, handwritten notecard from my personal “Customer Care Specialist.” The handwritten envelope threw me but I figured it was probably a font simply made to look handwritten.

Note from Customer Service

Note from Customer Service

I opened the envelope only to find a lovely note letting me know that everything is guaranteed and giving me an email address in case I had any question.

This company GETS customer service. Here are some other ideas on how to make your customers and clients always smile when they think of you:

  • Handwritten note cards- “Thank you for giving us a try, let us know if you need anything else.”
  • Gift cards- “Take a break on me and go grab a coffee, I know you’re working hard.”
  • Phone call- “I just wanted to make sure your implementation went smoothly and see if there anything else we can do.”
  • Thought leadership- “I heard you just purchased our Social CRM solution, here’s a list of 100 things you can do with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.”
None of this is rocket science, but it does take a bit of time. But guess what, if your customers or clients are anything like me, they’ll always remember that extra time you put into them and keep you front of mind the next time they make a purchase.

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