Spreading the Word: Content Distribution Ideas

7 Oct

I just read a great post by Barbra Gago. She recently attended Content Marketing World and gave a presentation titled 21 Ways to Distribute Content. She makes the point that a content strategy shouldn’t be something you think about after you have aggregated a lot of content but something you plan. I agree but don’t fret if you already existing content that you want to share with the world.

A lot of my clients are start-ups and have great content they’ve been creating for years. If this sounds like you- read her post on content distribution. Even though you didn’t follow the first rule (plan before your write), there’s a lot you can do with all the content you have lying around collecting dust.

Here’s what she recommends when it comes to content delivery:

21 Content Distribution Ideas:

  1. Your website
  2. Your blog
  3. Social media
  4. Email (database)
  5. Email signature – Your email signature can be a really easy way to share new content. Every time you have a new piece, add the link to your signature and that will be an easy way to share will colleagues, customers and partners.
  6. Comment threads
  7. Discussion forums
  8. Events
  9. Document sharing sites – Slideshare.net and Scribd are both great ways to share company collateral or presentations. They also offer vary active sub-communities of their own.
  10. Multimedia sites – YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr
  11. Mobile applications – Tablets are becoming increasingly popular, how are you addressing that as a content delivery mechanism?
  12. Company newsflash – I have had great results sending out an email, company-wide with a list of new content, brief descriptions of it, and varied tweet-like, status update long, comments that can be shared by your entire staff. Your sales guys will be all over this, and you can help to quality-control the message a little.
  13. Influencers/bloggers – This works really well if you stay engaged with the bloggers overtime. Share there content, comment on their blogs, and when you have stuff that’s relevant to their audience, they’ll likely be inclined to share it.
  14. Social PR
  15. Social bookmarking – Social bookmarking is a really easy way to let other people share your content with their network and that bookmarking community. Many of these communities will also send out an email with links that have been bookmarked that may interest users, so there are various ways that these sites can be leveraged.
  16. Social news sites
  17. Partners – Not every partnership has to be so formal or restricted to “strategic alliances” Try working with more people on content development, and then share the promotion across both databases.
  18. eNewsletters
  19. Lead nurturing – This is our favorite way to distribute content of course, because it really allows you to map certain kinds of content to different buyers, as well as buyer behavior, so we always know we are sending the right content, to the right person, at the appropriate stage in their purchase process.
  20. Syndication/RSS
  21. Content discovery platforms – this is an interesting was to share content. These platforms are usually a PPC model for content distribution. You pay X, and they syndicate your content with relevant sites, and as people click through to your content and site, you pay for that visit. Check out OutBrain (I caught up with them at Content Marketing World and checked out the platform…pretty cool).
She also provides a great chart on The Buyer’s Journey that shows you why it’s imperative to get your content out there.
Content Delivery: The Buyer's Journey- Left Brain DGA

Content Delivery: The Buyer's Journey- Left Brain DGA


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