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Test Test 1 2 3

1 Jan

Okay, I’m getting a bit technical today but don’t worry. My knowledge is limited so I won’t loose you.

I’m trying to find new bedding. I’ve seen bedding at Dillard’s that I like. I Google “bedding Dillards” and when I click on the link I receive an error. I try just hitting their homepage, still no success.

I’m not sure what has caused this but there is one thing that could have possibly prevented it.

Testing! It’s not only about testing your web site to make sure it does what people expect, but it’s also about knowing how many visitors have to be on your site at the same time to either slow it down or crash it all together. This is NOT expensive and it pains me how few people will test their web sites.

There are tons of companies that do this and it’s well worth your money. I’m going to go try to hit again, hopefully they’ve figured it out by now.