More Than 50% Of The Time You’re Not Needed

30 Nov

Wow, how do you feel now?

I was reading Adam Needles blog today, and he had an interesting stat. “XEROX sales trainer Robert Jolles for his book, Customer Centered Selling, indicates B2B buyers spend 79% of their time in the earliest portion of the buying process – i.e., acknowledging they have a problem and thinking through it, but not yet committing to the formal search for a solution.”

What I take from this is that you’re not allowed into your prospects buying process for almost 80% of it.  Take a deep breath, and continue reading.

Does this surprise you?  It shouldn’t.  With the ways that we use technology (social media, Google, reviews, news stories, blogs, etc.) are you at all surprised that before YOU make a purchase odds are you hit all of these, and more, then engage with the company or store when you’re ready to pull the trigger? I know my tolerance for wanting to talk with a salesperson has decreased over the years.

How many times have you purchased big ticket items, sight unseen, and had it shipped to your home? You read a lot of reviews (both on the retailer’s site and on other forums), read some blog posts, looked at other retailers’ prices and rankings then made your decision never once speaking to an individual.

Why should we treat our prospects any different? In a previous blog I discussed getting out of the way of our prospects.  With this recent information from Jolles it really goes to show that whether or not we embrace getting out of our prospects way, they are going to find ways to get themselves out of our way.

So now you get to make a decision.  Are you going to step out of your prospects way and give them the information they want, when they want it or are you going to interrupt their process and keep bothering them until they walk away?

It’s your decision!


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