Does Your Web Content Speak to Everyone?

29 Nov

Initially, you may say, “My content only needs to speak to my target audience.”  This is true, but with more decision makers involved in purchasing these days it’s important to make sure you address all types with your Web content.

My personal philosophy (this is the route I choose), is to use William Moulton Marston’s, PhD, four quadrant behavioral model- DISC.  Here’s my Cliff Notes version:

D- Decisive, tough, impatient, strong-willed, competitive, demanding, independent, direct, does not listen (think CEO)

I- Sociable, talkative, open, enthusiastic, energetic, persuasive, spontaneous, impulsive, emotional, talks more than listens (think Sales)

S- Calm, steady, laid back, careful, patient, amiable, listens carefully, sincere, modest, indecisive, trustworthy

C- Precise, exact, analytical, logical, systematic, quiet, does not express emotions, careful, formal, disciplined (think Engineer or Software Developer)

Confused?  That’s okay.  Here’s a funny list of famous people and their DISC style.  This will help shed some light on the topic.

Using the DISC assessment, here’s how I’d suggest you layout Web content if you’re selling to all four types but the CEO is going to be the final decision maker.

The first two paragraphs, should target the “D”.  Get to the point, don’t sell features and benefits, tell them the business problem you’re solving.  Next, target the “I” and let them know a bit more about the company, and the product, then follow up with some third-party reports or customer testimonials for the “S”.  Finally, give the “C” all the information they want.  Have a hyperlink to the technical specifications and any other nitty-gritty details they may want to dig through.

This seems simple enough, but too often marketers ignore that different prospects want different information.  There are many ways you can configure your content on a page, so think about how you can include all four types above the fold and give them options to pick how they want to learn about your service or product.

Do you currently use DISC when writing emails or Web content?  Do you use DISC when talking to others?  Do you do already use something like DISC and are happy to see words put to it?  How does this help?


One Response to “Does Your Web Content Speak to Everyone?”

  1. Dee Giles November 29, 2010 at 6:00 pm #

    This completely makes sense. We use DISC in many ways at our company, but I never thought to put it to use in our web content! This helps because it is important to make sure that it truly is targeting your “target audience.” You never know which DISC personality type is visiting your website.

    I personally use DISC for my daily calls. I am high “D,” so it is very important for me to recognize other DISC personalities, or I may come off too harsh, too impatient, too demanding. By studying the different DISC personality traits, and by recognizing which personality type is of the person to whom I am speaking, I am able to match and mirror them. What does this mean? It means they won’t hang up on me! It also means that they can relate to me with my tonality and pace to where they want to have a conversation with me.

    Also, don’t forget about voice mails. My coworker has taught me to listen carefully to a person’s outgoing voice mail because you can get a hint of what their DISC is. He also advised me to leave a voice mail in the same tone and pace. What does this mean? More call backs!

    This really helps. I love DISC and it has really empowered me to get to decision makers and ultimately more sales!

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