Advertising Placement: Have We Gone Too Far?

8 Nov


Unfortunate Ad Placement

Unfortunate Ad Placement

Men, you may want to skip this first paragraph. Women, keep reading.  I was at “a doctor” today and saw the most inappropriate location for a company sponsored ad.  It pains me to even type this, the stirrups had little socks on them with an advertisement for birth control.  You may have even experienced this for yourself.  I was a bit disturbed, amused and just bothered.  That was no time to advertise.

Back in the 90’s I was a recruiter for a local software company and was on the campus of Notre Dame.  In their daily student newspaper they had the best comic strip that has stuck with me for years.  In the background was the famous Touchdown Jesus and two students were sketched in front of the iconic piece.  The first student said, “Do you think the university has gone too far with corporate sponsorship?”  The other guy says, “Maybe.”  Underneath Touch Jesus is a sign that reads, “Touchdown Jesus Says, Raise Your Hands If You’re Sure.”  Back in the late 90’s, before internet marketing and branding had gone crazy, this seemed absolutely ridiculous.  Nowadays, I don’t think I’d be too shocked.

I found one online example of poor ad placement that made me giggle.  Do you have any favorites?




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