Poor Packaging

5 Nov

I need scissors to open my scissors.

I was washing my hair this morning and realized I struggle daily to open my shampoo and conditioner bottles.  I don’t think this is complicated.  When testing their packaging, didn’t someone at least get their hands wet and try to open the lids?  It baffles me.

This made me think of other items with poor packaging.  The worst offender- scissors.  Have you ever bought scissors only to see a picture of scissors on the packaging showing you how to open your newly purchased scissors?  It frustrates me.

How about the expensive private label sunscreen I recently purchased?  It wasn’t cheap and after three uses the pump system broke.   When I took it back to the retailer they told the packaging for the entire label was being redone.  Really, no one tested the product packaging more than three times to figure this out?

I know there are more examples of poor packaging, so help me out.  What have you come across that is poorly packaged?


One Response to “Poor Packaging”

  1. Robyn Pettinger November 6, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    Everything covered in a ridiculous amount of plastic (you know the ones)!!! It pisses me off so much. The ones that are hard to open even if you have scissors. It makes me mad from an environmental aspect as well as an ease of opening aspect. I have never opened one of those and went “that really DID need that much packaging.”

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